Scholomance Interview
It may be on the older side, but it's finally here. An ultra-techinical interview with a, well, ultra-technical band, there should be something here for everyone. So ignore the fact that the album was released 6 months ago and dive into some quality Q+A with Scholomance's guitarist/keyboardist/"Hand Percussionist" Scott Crinklaw...

It's been a while, and the "news" at the top reflects this. I did an update a few years ago using PHPNuke, but was really tired of the spammers and hackers constantly posting junk. It was a full time job just filtering and I finally gave up. I do however have those reviews and have some inspiration to get them up here, but am trying to figure out a site layout, one that is minimal work to update now and when adding new content. The php-mysql way is the most efficient I think, but I don't want to have to deal with people mucking about. I'll research a little more but for now have put the "legacy" page up. A lot of this was sparked by stumbling across the Anacrusis page, which I hadn't seen in some time. As everyone is, I'm busy, but I always listen to music, and still want to post my thoughts from time to time, but ddon't really want the overhead of a full blown site to deal with. I'll think on it some more, I'd rather get a little done though then to get halfway throgh something and chuck it all. At any rate, if you want to get in contact with me, I'm at admin remnantsofreason com.

PS - I'm not really ready to review outside things yet, so while I appreciate you thinking of me, I'm just not there yet. Thanks - Evan (011809)

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