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Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor

2005 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-09

Still fighting strong after all these years, Nevermore have come back with yet another strong album to keep us metalheads happy for many months.

The immediate difference here is the production, which is back on track after the unfortunate sound experiment that was Enemies of Reality. To most people, the sound quality was such a detraction that is was almost unlistenable. I didn't find it that bad, just thin. I still played the hell out of EoR! Another eye opener is the sheer heaviness of this album. Van Williams has upped the notch on his double bass speed again, mixing in some rapid fire drum work with his standard foot-based intricacies.

The third change? The songs. Nevermore has some "Nevermorisms" which include the obligatory ballad as well as lyrical content and just an overall sound niche. It's not just mid-paced power metal, when you hear them it is instantly apparent that you are listening to Nevermore.

Which is why it was such a shock to hear a death metal opening to the album.

Maybe it's the addition of Steve Smyth (Testament, Vicious Rumours) to the fold, but Nevermore have made an album heavier than anything before (IMHO). There are snatches of influence here, such as At the Gates or Meshuggah, but they are incorporated well, not turning into a game of "name that riff." And what's the secret here? I think besides the power it's the overall atmosphere and layering of sound. Andy Sneap producing helps, but these riffs are just heavy man (I know, I'm saying heavy a lot...). This isn't a new Nevermore, it's just an older, wiser, more pissed off Nevermore. Just listen to The Psalm of Lydia to hear what I mean, with everything it's just taken up a notch.

I'm very happy with this one.