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Dream Theater - Awake

1994 East/West Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Their heaviest album to date, Awake once again captures the musical genius of Dream Theater while fleshing out their overall sound. Awake is HEAVY, John Petrucci incorporates some kick ass 7 string action here. Time has also tightened the attack, especially seen on Erotomania and the opening cut. The drums sound beautiful after Images and Words, meaty and in your face. Portnoy also scored an endorsement deal with Mapex for this album, and has like a billion drums at his disposal, which he does not hesitate to use. Clocking in at over 74 minutes, this album is also very, very long, maybe too much so. Space Dye Vest would have been a B side 10 years ago, and Innocence Faded really does nothing for me, it's their "Made for MTV" track. Ironically, it's one of the heavier cuts, Lie, which made it to MTV. I think Atlantic has some trouble marketing this band. Progressive glam rock for IAW, and "metal" for this release. With Awake, Dream Theater again prove their ability to produce excellent progressive rock.